NOO Category Items module helps you show all latest, most popular K2 items in each category in a bootstrap tab view. The module is responsive.


·         Select categories whose items you want to display in frontend.

·         Set number of items in each category to display

·         Set display order of selected items by Date, Ordering, Hit 

Basic Options


K2 Category

Select k2 category

Num Leading

The number of leading item in the category, the leading item is an item with Image and short description showing.

Show Leading Image

Show/Hide the leading item image.

Image Size

Set image size of the leading item, the image size will be loaded from K2 image global configuration.

Leading Desc Max Lenght

The charactor counter for leading description.

Num Intro

The number of items in the category will be shown on the righthand of the module with title only.

Sort Order By

To sort the data in the module based on the settings of article, includes date, order and hits.

Ascending OR Descending

After option in Sort Order is selected, the articles will be sorted by this condition. Eg: If you choose 'Articles Sorted By' 'DATE' and set ''Ascending OR Descending'' to 'DESC' , the newest article will be displayed on the first line











Config BackEnd