NOO K2 Items is a Joomla module built to support displaying K2 Items in the most flexible way. This module is responsive so it works nicely on all screens (mobiles or desktop). All important information of K2 Items is well-managed in the module. Admin can easily configure the properties in Backend to bring the best experience for users in Frontend. Besides, the module also supports Order feature to help your highlighted articles to be displayed first and let user update latest information.


·         Allow selecting Items and display them in 2 ways: select items by Category or select items in list.

·         Allow sorting display order for selected items.

·         Configure image’s display types

·         Options to display different information on slide: title, introtext, author…

·         Support many slide’s effects: horizontal, vertical, left, right, swing….


Basic Options




Option to select Items: by Category or by selecting particular item in List.

Add Items

Use this add items to the list below

K2 Category

Select K2 categories or All Categories to get items from these categories

Featured Items

Hide: Hide Items with Featured status

Only show featured items: Only display items with Featured status

Show: Display items with Featured status

Item with media

Yes: display Items with media

No: Do not display items with media.

Item count

The number of items in each category to display, set 1 to get each 1 recent/popular item from your selected categories.

Sort Order By

To sort the data in the module which based on the settings of item: date, ordering or hits.....(Default by ID)

Time Range

Only display when Sort Order By is Hit or Most Commented.

Ascending OR Descending

After the Sort Order is selected, the articles will be sorted by this condition. Eg: If you choose 'Articles Sorted By' 'DATE' and set ''Ascending OR Descending'' to 'DESC' , the newest article will be displayed on the first line













Slide Options


The number of items allowed to display on one page.

Show title

Show/Hide the title


Show/Hide the user(author)

User Avatar

Show/Hide the user avatar

Use Avatar width

Inherit from component parameter: width of Author's avatar taken from K2. Custom: Enter custom width.

Avatar width (in px)

Set avater width (in px)

User description

Show/Hide the Author's description in K2.

Show introtext

Display item's introtext content.

Introtext word limit

Leave blank to diasble. If you enable this option, all html tags from the text will be cleaned up to make sure the html structure of the site does not brake.

Show image

Show/Hide the image of Item

Thumbnail Mode

If you want to use image thumbnail which render from the image source, then choose CROP or RESIZE, default is 'crop'.

Resize Ratio

If you choose YES, then the module will render a thumbnail with the ratio about dimension of the image source.

Thumbnail Width

Set the thumbnail width.

Thumbnail Height

Set the thumbnail height.

Show video

Show/Hide the video of Item.

Media caption

Show/Hide the media caption

Media creadits

Show/Hide the media creadits


Show/Hide the attachments


Show/Hide the item tags

Show category

Show/Hide the category

Created date and time

Show/Hide the created date and time

Show hits

Show/Hide the hits

Show readmore link

Show/Hide the readmore link

Show extra fields

Show/Hide the extra fields

Comments counter and anchor link

Show/Hide the comments counter and anchor link





















Display Options


Slide Mode

Type of transition between slides

Type of easing

Type of “ easing” to use during transitions

jQuery easing

jQuery easing for JQuery transitions

CSS easing

CSS transitions, including a value for the "transition-timing-function" property:ease, ease-in, ease-out...

Animation Duration

Duration time between 2 pages counted by millisecond.

Animation Interval

Interval time of a page counted by millisecond.

Auto Run

Set auto run for slide


Set loop for slide

Show pager control

Show/Hide the pager control

Show Control Buttons

Show/Hide Control Buttons