Noo Slider2  helps you show Images/Article/K2 Items on a horizontal view with slider’s effect. Responsive supported!



SreenShot FrontEnd

  • Totally responsive: it fits your screen whether on computer or mobile devices.
  • Support Tough Swipe on iPhone/iPad & Android Swipe Touch.
  • Simple and easy to configure.
  • Responsive to fit image’s size.
  • Support Title and Description for each slide.
  • Support external URL for each slide.

This module installed in NooNew Template.


Basic Option


Content Source

Select the content source for slider module, if you choose Image Folder, please set the image folder path.


Select content category

K2 Category

Select k2 category


The maximum number of items you want to display on the Slider

Sort Order By

To sort the data in the module which based on the settings of article, includes date, order and hits

Ascending OR Descending

After the Sort Order is selected, the articles will be sorted by this condition. Eg: If you choose 'Articles Sorted By' 'DATE' and set ''Ascending OR Descending'' to 'DESC' , the newest article will be displayed on the first line

Show Title

Set show/hide title of artcle

Linked Title

Show/Hide link of title

Show Image

Show/Hide image thumb of article

Thumbnail Mode

If you want to use image thumbnail which render from the image source, then choose CROP or RESIZE

Resize With Use Ratio

If you choose YES, then the module will render a thumbnail with the ratio about dimension of the image source

Image Width

Set width of image

Image Height

Set height of image

Show Description

Set show/hide description of article

Description max chars

Maximum characters in description of the articles. Set 0 to hide. Set -1 to make it unlimited

Show Readmore

Show/Hide readmore link

Readmore Text

Text of Readmore

  • With Content Source is Image Folder: you need to configure these settings:

Image Folder Path

Relative to Joomla images folder. You can drag and drop images to arrange them freely as you want



Display Option


Animation Transition

Animation mode.

Animation Duration

Duration time between 2 pages counted by millisecond.

Animation Interval

Interval time of a page counted by millisecond.

Auto Run

Set Slider auto run or not.

Show Control Buttons

Show/Hide Control Buttons