Noo Tabs plugin is a Bootstrap tab plugin which helps you to create tabs in any positions in Joomla contents. It allows you to fetch items from multiple source as: Module Position, Module name, Article IDs, Category ID. The Like Box enables users to: 

1.1      Type = modules (module position)

Contact us

1.2      Type = module (specific modules name)

Contact us

1.3      Type = articles (specific articles id)

NOO Slider allows you to quickly and easily add the popular "content slider" functionality to your Joomla 3 website. This feature enables the ability to have banner and content dynamically cycle on your page. This is completely a client-side solution, not Flash.

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The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to:


See how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too

Read recent posts from the Page

Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page

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Noo Gallery Module for joomla 3.x, It is using bootstrap lightbox script, so it will work with all joomla 3.x site without any conflict. Supported up to 10 images for each module.

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1.4      Type = articles (specific category id)


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 Basic Options



5 ways to use the plugin Noo Tabs

1. Use Noo Tabs with Articles

Config BackEnd

2. Use Noo Tabs with Articles

Please follow these steps:

·         At module Custom HTML, tab Detail: select the desired position for tabs

·         At module Custom HTML, tab Custom OutPut: enter HTML code following one of the 4 types above. 



In case of 1.1 and 1.2: you can only select modules assigned in the same menu with article which is using this plugin.