NOO Ticker is a Joomla module used to display newsflash in a website. NOO Ticker can display information from Joomla Content, K2 Content, or fetch content from RSS link or External Link. It also supports presenting link’s title with different transitions as well as showing link’s description by tooltips.


  • Totally responsive: it fits your screen whether on computer or mobile devices.
  • Support Tough Swipe on iPhone/iPad & Android Swipe Touch
  • Simple and easy to configure.
  • Support ordering by date, ordering, and hits
  • Support Link RSS, External Links
  • Support displaying by 2 types: horizontal & vertical.
  • Support many transition types.

Basic Options 

Content Source: Module can display articles from content component, from K2 component, or display articles from RSS links or External links.

·         With Content Source is Joomla Content or K2 Content


Category/ Category K2

With Joomla Content, select article in content component to display in frontend; and with K2 Content, select article in K2 Component. 


The maximum number of items you want to display on the sticker.

Sort Order By

Sort the data in the module based on settings of article, including date, order and hits.

Ascending Or Descending

These are sorting conditions after selecting option in Sort Order. I.e.:  If you choose 'Articles Sorted By' '<B>DATE</B>' and set ''Ascending OR Descending'' to '<B>DESC</B>', the newest article will be displayed on the first line.

Title Max Char

Maximum Characters In Article' title. If the title character is longer than the allowed number in this setting, all trimmed characters will be replaced by '<b>...</b>'

















·         With Content Source is RSS link: You need to enter RSS link.

·         With Content Source is Extenal Links: Using external link, for example: [link url=\"your link\" title=\"your title\" ]your description[/link][link...[/link].


Display Option

Animation Type

Animated effect that you want to display: horizontal or vertical.

Animation Transition

Choose a transition on the list.

Animation Duration

Animation Duration (millisecond).

Animation Interval

Animation Interval (millisecond).

Show Head Text

Show the content defined in ''Head Text'' parameter below or not.

Head Text

Headline text.

Show Control Buttons

Show or Hide control buttons.